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Our FREE workshop will show you how to save thousands on your child’s college education.
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March 16, 2017


Red Oak College Planning
233 Mount Airy Road – Suite 100
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920


7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
(6:45 Preregistration)

Learn the Latest Strategies for Greatly Reducing What You’ll Owe for Your Child’s College Education – FREE

Parents, are you worried how you’ll afford college for your son or daughter? 

As college costs continue to rise faster than inflation, parents are faced with the difficult burden of having to figure out how they’ll pay for their student’s college education. 

Regrettably, more families continue to rely on student loans to cover the inflated costs of tuition, only to leave their children burdened by financial debt upon graduation.

Fortunately, there is a way you can beat colleges at their own game!

During this one hour workshop, Mike Velasco, a noted college financial planning expert, will share the latest strategies and steps you can do to get the maximum amount of funding for your child’s education. 

Based on Mike’s years of experience helping hundreds of families to get into their dream colleges at a price they can afford, he’ll cover these important topics during this seminar:

  • How to pick the colleges that will give you the most amount of money
  • Steps you can take to triple your eligibility for financial and merit aid
  • How to send your kids to the school of their dreams without going broke
  • A common mistake you must know when applying for scholarships
  • How to send your child to a private college for less than a state one
  • How to find scholarships and grants you’ve never even heard of
  • and more!

Learn all of this and more at this free workshop! Reservations are required, since seats often fill up quickly.

What Our Attendees Say

“Very informative. The presenter told us many things that I was totally in the dark about.”
Rosie Palumb, Parent of High School Junior
“Information was clear, easy to understand and straightforward. Excellent presentation – no hidden agendas.”
Lynn McKenna, Parent of High School Senior
“Opened up the opportunity to look at colleges we thought were out of our price range.”
Barbara Eames, Parent of High School Sophomore
“Covered a lot of ground – easy to follow and moved quickly.”
Sara Pogue, Parent of High School Junior
“Demystified the college funding process.”
Joseph Mozzella, Parent of High School Senior

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About Our Presenter

Mike Velasco is located in Central NJ and has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, with expertise in college financial planning. His firm, Red Oak College Planning, is affiliated with the College Planning Network (“CPN”), and together they have helped numerous parents successfully navigate the college admissions and financial aid process so they can comfortably afford to send their children to college... regardless of the cost.

CPN is the Nation’s largest and most reputable college admissions and financial aid servicing center and has averaged nearly $19,075 per year in college aid for its average family and nearly $4,900 in financial aid award appeals.